The 12 Pattern Cutting Bundles Of Christmas

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Looking for the perfect stocking filler for the pattern cutter in your life? Are you searching for an alternative gift that will truly delight your drafting and sewing-obsessed friend or family member?

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The 12 Patterncutting Bundles of Christmas

My themed collection of beginner-friendly and intermediate level video tutorial bundles for learning pattern drafting and garment creation skills.

Give the gift of pattern cutting this holiday season with hours of vintage-inspired video content to immerse aspiring and experienced drafters in the craft.

And of course, you may want to treat yourself too!

There's a bundle for everyone!

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The Complete List Of Gift Bundles

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Lots of pretty vintage skirts to cheer up a wardrobe!

These can bedrafted from a basic skirt block or a fitted skirt sewing pattern (just take off the seam allowance first).

4 different styles for adding seams and volume - quick to draft and with lots of design options:

• Yoke Skirt

• Trumpet Skirt

• Magical Gathered Skirt - a clever way of controlling
your gathers

• 1940s panelled skirt with tucks


Beginner Friendly MCCardell styles.

Easy pattern cutting methods to add that Claire McCardell style to a basic bodice or existing sewing patterns (just make sure to take off your seam allowance first).

If you're a fan of plaids, stripes and gathers, these tutorials are for you - 3 ways of quickly adding vintage charm:

• Gathered Claire McCardell Styles - Design and Draft

• Geometric Shirt Dress hack

• Geometric Yoke Bodice



Pretty, vintage inspired tutorials to transform a basic bodice or fitted sewing pattern (just make sure to take off the seam allowance before drafting).

All these tutorials use darts to create new designs with seams, pleats and gathers:

You'll learn to:

• Draft a dart with added gathers

• Draft a seam that frames your bust

• Draft parallel pleats to shape and add volume


All you need to design and draft your own Mid Century Inspired Wrap Dresses.

You'll get:

• 2 Drafting Design Guides for different styles

• Masterclass on drafting wrap styles

• 2 tutorials for grown on collars - perfect of Claire
McCardell inspired styles


Add that vintage inspired sparkle to tops, dresses and jackets with these tutorials inspired by Schiaparelli, Balmain and Madame Grès.

Learn to create clever 3D darts, asymmetric gathers and vintage paneling with 3 styles:

You'll get:

• Schiaparelli inspired cross over bodice

• Grès inspire gathered bodice

• Balmain inspired panelled bodice with options of different bust sizes


Lots of pretty vintage skirts to cheer up your wardrobe.

Learn to draft and sew a pretty dress with a wrap that grows out of the bodice - with many options for tying - front/back/ bow/knot.

All you need is a basic bodice block or a fitted sewing pattern (just make sure to take off the seam allowance before you start drafting)

You'll get:

• Full drafting tutorial

• Full sewing tutorial


All you need to make the perfect mid-century statement dress

4 Tutorials to draft the complete Claire McCardell wrap dress from your basic bodice blocks (or fitted sewing pattern with the seam allowance taken off).

You'll get:

• Drafting tutorial for the dress

• Sewing Tutorial for the dress

• Tutorial for an alternative neckline

•Tutorial for preparing your sleeve for grown on styles


For lovers of dolman, raglan or gusset grown on sleeves!

Learn the fundamental drafting methods you need to create them all - all you need is a basic bodice and sleeve block or a suitable sewing pattern (just take off the seam allowance first).

Learn how to:

Prepare your sleeve

Draft a Dolman Sleeve

Draft a Raglan Sleeve

Draft a Gusset Sleeve



Madeleine Vionnet created some of the most iconic styles of the 1920s, but her draped styles can be a bit intimidating!

So here are a few of her styles that can be more easily recreated by flat pattern cutting them directly from your basic bodice and skirt blocks:

You'll get:

Godet dress bodice

• Bias skirt with flares

•Circle skirt with a yoke for extra volume


For statement dressers and pattern hackers: These statement sleeves are for you. Learn to draft 3 unusual and high impact sleeve designs you can add to your existing patterns!

You'll find everything you need to draft these styles, all you need is your basic sleeve ( with the seam allowance taken off)

You'll get:

• 1940s Carolina Herrera inspired gathered sleeve

• Pleated cape sleeve

• Pleated Bishop Sleeve


The perfect challenge for transforming tops and dresses!

These Statement collars and Necklines are just what is needed to create delectable tops from a basic bodice or simple sewing patterns (just remember to take off seam allowance before drafting).

learn to draft:

• A twisted front bodice - with the option to add a collar

• A trompe l'oeil collar with an optical illusion collar

• A 3D Pleated Funnel Neck


You might know Cristobal Balenciaga for his amazing sculptural garments, but his designs are also great for drafting more wearable styles with that special feel.

Learn to draft 3 Balenciaga-inspired methods of creating unusual seams. All you need are basic bodice blocks or sewing patterns (just take off the seam allowance first):

You'll get:

• Gown Bodice with statement seams

• Double seam coat - also works for tops

• Spiral seam coat - also works for tops


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